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Are You Okay?

Today, for the first time in what feels like a whole goddamn year, I felt better enough to muster all my energy and go to a cafe to just sit down and write. It's been a while (almost 4 months?) since I wrote something personal and not job-related so it does kind of feel good I guess. So what happened in the last few months? Probably nothing, but well, probably everything too.
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Life Update: 12 Days After Surgery

So I'm feeling better. I just want to establish that, cos the last time I posted about my surgery is that I was actually honestly still feeling like death itself. Now though, I still feel like death, but mostly because my deadline is near and I'm still procrastinating.

So I Had An Ovarian Cyst

I've been really distracted the past week because I was recently diagnosed with dermoid cyst which was found on my right ovary. It was definitely one of the most trying experiences of my life. I initially didn't want to share this because I feel like it can dampen the mood for some reason, and also the sole reason why I didn't want to talk about it until I was already lined up for surgery. But, I do know that it is my goal to let women know this could happen to them, too. So I guess I'm here for a.... STORY TIME! lol

What Were You Doing While EXO was on Hiatus?

I think it's time to talk about what the heck was I doing the whole time EXO was on hiatus, and ironically, one of those is starting this blog lol. I'm typing this post right now because EXO's not keeping me busy, so might as well just enumerate what kept me busy for the past year and 2-3 months since their last comeback. As some of you may know, me and a couple of EXO-L friends flew to Korea last year to attend some of EXO's promotion activities for Kokobop. It was the usual overnighting for music shows, stressing over requirements, failing mellimpic tryouts.. (which reminds me that I probably will post something like a guideline on how to go to music shows for EXO yet again since my past entry about that was long gone). When Power came out, we were in Thailand, streaming EXO songs, so basically you can say my schedule's been defined by EXO's promotional schedules lol. But since they have decided to do individual promotions, I've also lived my perso

Being Multifandom and A Late Feminist in the 2018 Twitter Fandomland

I was sitting at Tim Hortons (like I always do every week) when I realized I should probably make a long post about the current situation I put myself into. Is my tweet poorly worded? I generally don't really care as much whenever I get bombarded with hate asks and/or accusations about my age, fandom choices, or even about how I look. I still don't feel any sort of anger or hatred towards anyone, I just chose not to feel any of it anymore. However, since a lot of you misunderstood what I meant, and some of you who haven't liked me from the beginning anyway and decided to dig my immature, smh-worthy tweets, I felt like I should make a post about everything surrounding it.

Change Can Be Good

So I haven't posted here in months, and it has a lot to do with how busy I was, my two overseas trips last month, and on top of that, I've been dealing with so many personal and emotional issues which, incidentally, and to those who wants a good gossip, will be talked about on this blog entry. So sit back, get a popcorn, let me just give you a tea.

The Deal with Growing Up

Honestly, I shouldn't even be writing on my blog right now, I should be focusing on reserving Airbnb and pocket wifi for my upcoming 15-hour trip in less than 2 weeks lol. But I felt like I needed a breath of fresh air. So pardon this post, I shall be talking about my personal life.